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We take great pride in the journey of our coffee beans, from farm to cup. We believe that the heart of a cup of coffee lies in the quality of the beans and the relationships we build with the farmers behind them. That's why we source our own coffee beans, fostering long-term partnerships with farmers from diverse origins like Brazil, El Salvador, Kenya, and many other coffee-growing regions.

For years, we have worked closely with dedicated farmers who share our commitment to excellence. Our direct relationships with the farmers allow us to maintain transparency throughout the supply chain and guarantee fair prices that benefit the hardworking communities that cultivate these beans.

When you choose our coffee, you not only savor the flavors of specialty coffee but also become a part of this meaningful journey. Each cup you brew reflects the collective effort of passionate farmers and coffee enthusiasts like you, united by a shared love for extraordinary coffee experiences.

Every sip of our coffee tells a story of dedication, sustainability, and the joy of crafting the perfect cup, together.


With over a decade of expertise in the coffee roasting business, we've honed the art of turning green coffee beans into exceptional brews. We roast our coffee on cutting-edge Loring Roaster. These roaster allow us to control the roasting process, ensuring quality of every batch of coffee.

Always Freshly Roasted Coffee

We roast our coffee with passion and precision every Tuesday. We want you to experience the delightful aroma and flavors that only freshly roasted coffee can deliver.

Precision Engineering

The Loring is a masterpiece of precision engineering. Its advanced design allows for precise control over every aspect of the roasting process, from temperature and airflow to time, ensuring that each batch of coffee is roasted to perfection.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Sustainability is at the core of our values, and this roaster, aligns with our commitment to the environment. It uses innovative technology to dramatically reduce emissions, and carbon footprint compared to traditional roasters.

Flavor Preservation

The Loring's unique design features a patented single-burner design and efficient hot air roasting, which minimizes the exposure of coffee beans to any potential contaminants, resulting in exceptionally clean and vibrant flavors in the final cup.

Consistency and Quality

Consistency is key in the specialty coffee industry. The Loring's cutting-edge technology ensures consistent roasting profiles, allowing us to maintain the same high quality in every batch, which is vital for building your coffee shop's reputation.

Reduced Roasting Time

With the Loring Smart Roaster's efficient heat transfer and quick cooldown, roasting times are significantly reduced compared to traditional roasters. This means we can carefully develop complex flavor profiles while maximizing the freshness of the beans.

Quality Control

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coffee roast analyzing

The quality control is paramount in our pursuit of delivering high quality coffee. That's why we rely on LightTells coffee roast analyzer. This high-precision, stable meter empowers us to assess roasting degrees and the delta between whole beans and ground coffee, providing invaluable insights into our roasting process and ensuring top-notch quality.

With the LightTells, we ensure that every batch of coffee we produce meets our stringent quality criteria, resulting in an extraordinary coffee experience for our customers.

Coffee Roasting Control

One of the most important advantages of the Loring Roaster is the pre-installed Cropster roasting control program.
With this program, we can control the roasting process according to a large number of parameters. Each roast is recorded in a separate profile.

Roast Profile analysis

Each roast of our coffee must meet a number of parameters: charge temperature, roast time, temperature profile, airflow, development time after crack, temperature after crack, and weight loss percentage. Each of these parameters we control during each coffee roasting.

Roast profile and repeating

Each roast is logged and recorded by the program. The profile reference curve helps us to reproduce exactly the desired roasting profile every time. Therefore, coffee beans from the same lot roasted today or a month later will not differ in flavor.

What's more, we can analyze the profiles and, based on accurate data, improve every next coffee roast.

Coffee Cupping

Cupping is the cornerstone of coffee quality control for roasters. It guarantees batch-to-batch consistency, helping roasters uphold their coffee's quality standards. By meticulously assessing roast samples, roasters can detect variations from the intended flavor profiles, enabling precise adjustments to achieve uniform taste excellence in every cup brewed from their beans.

During the cupping, we discuss with the team each new lot of coffee and define the descriptors that you will then see on the coffee pack label.

Coffee packaging

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Modern Packages

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, and one important step in that direction has been our choice of Dutch Coffee Packs. These bags are not just exceptional for keeping your coffee fresh and looking great; they also have a carbon-neutral footprint. Thanks to certified technology, the carbon dioxide emissions generated during bag production are fully offset.

Coffee stored longer

We improve our coffee packaging with the power of nitrogen. Nitrogen flushing serves as a robust solution to keep roasted coffee free from CO2 and moisture. The process involves filling bags with coffee beans and then sealing them with a flush of nitrogen, which reduces oxygen levels to less than 3%. This procedure ensures that our coffee remains as vibrant and flavorful as the day it was roasted.

Coffee pack labeling

We label every batch of coffee: on each packet you will find the roasting date and the roasting batch number. Knowing these parameters, we can trace the batch and control its quality. We care about each package of coffee even after it has been sold. We pay close attention to
feedback from our customers.

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