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Welcome to WAGMI Coffee, where our name embodies the spirit of success. WAGMI stands for "We are all going to make it," a popular motto in the cryptocurrency world. Our founder, Olga Melik-Karakozova, is a renowned figure in the coffee industry, she's devoted nearly 20 years to specialty coffee. Her journey is one of resilience, and in 2023, she started anew in Cyprus, driven by the belief in a brighter future.


We prioritize every step of the coffee production journey, from the coffee tree to your cup. Our extensive experience and enduring relationships with farmers enable us to meticulously choose beans of highest quality. Within our café, we roast our coffee using the cutting-edge Loring Smart Roaster. This exceptional roasting equipment, coupled with stringent quality control for every roast and nitrogen-sealed packaging, guarantees the excellence of our coffee.

Our commitment to quality extends to our tea selection. We engage directly with tea producers and have currently curated a collection of exquisite teas from China, Japan, Kenya, and Europe. Our tea offerings will continue to expand as we explore and introduce new selections to our lineup.

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Our menu is a fusion of coffee, tea, brunch, wines, and cocktails. We take pride in supporting local producers and small businesses by sourcing ingredients locally. Our culinary offerings are divided into four categories: Brunches, Plates, Pinsas, and Desserts, each offering a unique blend of flavors.

Explore our BRUNCH options, where classic breakfast meets innovative twists. Our brunch menu has something for every palate, from savory to sweet delights.

The PLATES section features savory creations highlighting fresh, wholesome ingredients. From vibrant salads to hearty mains, our plates promise a satisfying dining experience.

Discover the art of Italian PINSAS, with a thin, crispy crust and imaginative toppings. Our pinsas blend traditional flavors with a modern vision for a taste sensation.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our assortment of DESSERTS. Crafted with the finest ingredients, each bite is a heavenly experience.

At our café, we're proud to offer a diverse menu catering to every taste. Whether you're here for a leisurely brunch, a satisfying meal, or a sweet treat, we've got something for everyone.

Wine & Cocktails

For our alcohol menu, we've curated a diverse palette of flavors, aromas, and mouthfeels.

Our meticulously selected wine section offers a range of options, from a Cypriot light, dry white Xinisteri wine from Paphos, aged in acacia barrels for 3 months, with a more fruity and slightly bitter mouthfeel, to more complex and full-bodied wines like our 2014 DOCG Barolo from Pier Barbis in Piemonte, Northern Italy. Crafted from Nebbiolo grapes and refined in oak barrels for 30 months, this wine delivers a full-bodied, velvety, and harmonious mouthfeel with notes of cherry, anise, and cocoa, while retaining the refined tannins famous in Barolo wines.

However, our exceptional alcohol menu isn't limited to wines alone; we also offer a carefully crafted cocktail selection.

To bridge the journey between our wines and cocktails, you could say the diapason spans from our tropical gin and grapefruit Pink Fizz to a more intricate and sweeter Bourbon/Prosecco Smoked Kentucky cocktail, blended with a syrup made from smoked Lapsang Souchong tea.

This results in a delightful alcohol selection that we believe caters to a wide range of tastes.