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Hario Largo Tea Dripper 800ml

Hario Largo Tea Dripper 800ml

The Hario Largo Tea Dripper is an innovative, heatproof tea brewing device from Japan. Simply add high-quality tea leaves and hot water, wait 2-5 minutes, and then enjoy your freshly brewed tea. The Largo comes equipped with a silicone base for extra grip when placed on a jug or decanter and works best with the Hario Drip Station
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Hario Largo Tea Dripper 800ml details

The Largo is not only stylish, but also functional. The transparent glass bowl allows you to watch the natural movement of the leaves. Its top opening is wider to release your tea's aroma and it's the perfect size for two servings. Press the switch to pour and enjoy the beauty of your tea through this heatproof glass dripper.