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HARIO - Tea dripper set LARGO

HARIO - Tea dripper set LARGO

Tea Dripper Set is a compact alternative to standard Largo Dripper set, designed for a more intimate brewing experience. The pot provides maximum space for tea leaves to move and extract freely, allowing you to achieve an optimal balance in your tea without the risk of over-extraction.

This set features a unique pot that enables you to effortlessly drain the entire brew, ensuring a perfect tea infusion. Simply add your favorite loose leaf tea, pour in hot water, and when ready to serve, flip the switch to decant. The set includes a "Largo" Tea Dripper and Server for a comprehensive brewing solution.


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    HARIO - Tea dripper set LARGO details


    • Size: W150 × D116 × H205mm
    • Practical Capacit: 350ml


    • Lid (Tea Dripper), Lid (Server): AS Resin
    • Glass Bowl (Tea Dripper), Glass Bowl (Server): Heatproof Glass
    • Inner Holder, Base, Packing: Silicone Rubber
    • Filter, Inner Holder (Stainless Steel Ball): Stainless Steel
    • Switch: Polypropylene