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HARIO - V60 light blue ceramic dripper - 1/4 cups

HARIO - V60 light blue ceramic dripper - 1/4 cups

Hario's V60 ceramic coffee dripper is a popular choice among baristas for a reason - it produces fantastic coffee. Made of ceramic, this dripper retains heat well and its unique V-shape and spiral ribs promote maximum extraction. Despite seeming complicated at first, using the V60 is actually quite simple. Just insert filters, add coffee, and pour water evenly. Within minutes, you'll have a great cup of coffee.

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HARIO - V60 light blue ceramic dripper - 1/4 cups details

Cone Shape

The cone shape of the V60 allows for thicker layers of coffee grounds and longer contact with hot water, leading to proper extraction of taste and aroma.

Spiral Ribs

Spiral ribs prevent the paper and dripper from sticking together, promoting a smooth extraction.

One Single Hole

The V60 features one large hole which allows for unrestricted hot water flow and closer extraction to that of a cloth filter.