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Ma Liu Mi

Ma Liu Mi

Young Tieguanyin oolong leaves rolled into compact pearls offer clean, smooth flavors and floral aromas. This lightly oxidized tea is perfect for green tea drinkers looking to explore the nuances of oolong without straying too far from their usual flavor profile. An affordable and flavorful daily choice.
50 g
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Flavor Notes
Pear, Lilac
Plucking Standard
Zhong kai man
Hongxin Tieguanyin
Withering, Oxidation, Roasting
Harvest Year
Harvest Time
April - May
Ma Liu Mi

The Farm Story

Zhang Shuiquan was born in 1957 in a small village in Fujian. He is a highly respected master Anxi wulong tea maker with many years of experience. His grandfather taught him how to grow and make tea when he was a teenager. When the tea market improved again in the late 1990s, Mr. Zhang's family began growing tea once again on fresh land. They bought the best available Anxi Wulong cultivar to plant, Red Heart Tie Guan Yin, and have continued producing tea ever since. Mr. Zhang and his son walk the garden every day to pull weeds and check the tea bushes.

Tangdi Village, Anxi County
Tea Maker
Zhang Shuiquan and Zhang Qingjian
5 acres held by 3 families in a co-op
Central subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons; middle subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest
Fertilization Method
No pesticides or herbicides. Home grown chili pepper spray used as insect repellent in autumn; manually weeded; naturally fertilized with sheep manure, ground tea residue, and pulled weeds
  • Pour hot water into the gaiwan, swirling it around to warm the vessel. Pour out the water, leaving the gaiwan and lid warm.
  • Measure the appropriate amount of tea leaves based on your personal preference and the type of tea. Typically, the tea is usually brewed at a ratio of 1:20, it's about 5-8g of tea leaves for a standard-sized gaiwan.
  • Put the measured tea leaves into the preheated gaiwan.
  • Pour hot water over the tea leaves.
  • Allow the tea to steep for a short time, usually 10-20 seconds for the first infusion.
  • Hold the lid slightly ajar to create a small opening, and pour the tea into a fairness pitcher or directly into small cups, straining the leaves.
  • Take a moment to appreciate the aroma of the freshly brewed tea. The first infusion is often more about awakening the leaves than consuming the tea.
  • For subsequent infusions, repeat the process, gradually increasing the steeping time. Tea leaves can be infused multiple times, and each infusion may reveal different flavors.
  • Experiment with the steeping time to find the flavor profile you enjoy. As a general guide, increase the steeping time by a 5-10 seconds with each subsequent infusion.
  • Sip and enjoy the tea. The leaves can often be reinfused several times, revealing evolving flavors. Continue the process until the leaves lose their flavor.

You can brew tea using a gaiwan, allowing you to experience the nuanced flavors and aromas of the tea leaves. Adjustments can be made based on personal preferences and the specific type of tea you are brewing.

Brewing Method
Gaiwan Method
Tea Weight
Brew Ratio
Brew Water
110 - 150g
Water Temperature
Brew Time
30 seconds

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