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Timemore Grinder Go

Timemore Grinder Go

Introducing the Timemore Grinder Go: a sleek, portable, and battery-driven coffee grinder! It's incredibly efficient, grinding 15 g of beans in just 27 seconds for a medium grind.

Adjusting the grind size is a breeze with the handy dial knob located beneath the conical burr grinder. Simply unscrew the glass container to access it, and you'll find helpful markings for easy adjustments to achieve your ideal grind size.

Equipped with a high-quality 38 mm E&B stainless steel conical burr set, identical to the ones used in the Timemore Slim Plus, Nano Plus, and G1, this grinder ensures precision grinding with sharp burrs and dual bearings.

With each charge, the Grinder Go can grind around 400 g of coffee beans at a medium grind size, providing you with plenty of freshly ground coffee to enjoy.

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Wagmi Coffee Timmore Grinder

Timemore Grinder Go details

  • Portable, battery-powered coffee grinder
  • Professional 38 mm conical currs
  • Easy operation
  • Capacity: 60 g
  • High-capacity long-life batteries