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TIMEMORE - Grinder Slim 3 Black NEW!

TIMEMORE - Grinder Slim 3 Black NEW!

Experience the next level of grinding perfection with the improved Timemore Slim 3 Grinder, maintaining the same compact size as its predecessor but elevating your grinding experience. Perfect for those seeking a small grinder without compromising on quality.

Constructed with durable aluminum and featuring a walnut knob, this grinder boasts a diamond structure for optimal handling during the grinding process. The patented S2C stainless steel grinding stone ensures gentle and even grinding of your coffee beans. Adjusting the grind to suit your preferred coffee preparation method, from espresso to French press, is a breeze. The coarseness of the grind can be easily set using the jump mechanism, revealed by unscrewing the collection container. Left for finer and right for coarser – the choice is yours. Just remember to secure the handle while adjusting to prevent the axis from spinning.

Grinding is a swift and comfortable experience, thanks to the perfectly sharpened stones that offer minimal resistance. With a generous hopper capacity of up to 20g, grinding is efficient and quick. You can even grind your coffee directly into the Aeropress – the Slim fits perfectly.

Key Features:

- Fast and convenient grinding with the S2C system
- All-metal finish for durability
- Hopper capacity of 20g
- Aeropress compatible

Package Includes:

- Timemore Chestnut Slim 3 Grinder
- Travel bag
- Cleaning brush
- Instruction
- Quality Certificate

Elevate your coffee ritual with the Timemore Chestnut Slim 3 Grinder – where convenience meets exceptional grinding quality.
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