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Santa Fe Decaf

Santa Fe Decaf

Harmonious blend of nutty undertones and mild acidity, complemented by subtle hints of chocolate and toffee.
250 g
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Flavor Notes
Toffee, Walnut, Lemon, Brown sugar
Washed, Mountain Water Decaffeination Process
Harvest Time
Santa Fe Decaf

The Farm Story

Established by Mexicans in 1855, Finca Santa Fe underwent transformations, owned by German immigrants in 1920, then back to Mexicans in 1990, becoming Finca Santa Fe de Motozintla. OCIA-certified for organic practices, it sits in Chiapas, southwest Mexico, beneath the towering Tacaná volcano. The estate offers an ideal climate for quality coffee, with temperatures ranging from 17°C in winter to 26°C in summer. Boasting an educational program, Santa Fe provides preschool and elementary education. Chiapas, once Guatemalan, showcases diverse landscapes—coastal areas, valleys, mountains, and tropical forests. A vital agricultural region, it produces coffee, bananas, cocoa, maize, mango, honey, cane sugar, and peppers. Renowned for its cocoa, Chiapas hosts indigenous communities like Maya, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, Ch’ol, and Tojolabal, fostering family-owned coffee plantations and solidarity cooperatives. Situated in the Motozintla terroir, this Southern Mexican coffee grows at 1,200 meters. A Mountain Water Decaf, it undergoes a natural decaffeination process, ensuring a sweet cup with preserved aromatic molecules and full flavor quality, reflecting the richness of Chiapas' culinary, cultural, and geographical diversity.

Country, Region
Finca Santa Fe de Motozintla
800 - 1200 MASL
Rainforest, Fruit Trees
Fertilization Method
no chemicals, no fertilizer (not even organic compost)
  • Use a suitable dose for your basket size (e.g., 20g).
  • Tare your portafilter on a scale with 0.1 accuracy.
  • Grind coffee into the portafilter.
  • Check the dry weight to match your basket size precisely.
  • Adjust the coffee amount using a clean spoon if needed.
  • Distribute the coffee by gently hitting the portafilter or using a distribution tool.
  • Tamp the coffee evenly with the right-sized tamper.
  • Flush the group head just before pulling the shot.
  • Lock the portafilter and start the extraction (use a timer if necessary).
  • Place cups on the scale and tare it to zero.
  • Aim for the desired yield (e.g., 40-48g with a 20g dose).
  • If the espresso is sour, lacking sweetness, or salty, increase the yield.

Remember to adjust the process according to your specific machine and preferences.

Brewing Method
Coffee Weight
20g in 20g basket
Brew Ratio
1:2 – 1:2.4
Water Temperature
93.5 – 95.5°C
Brew Time
25 – 32 seconds
Beverage Yield
40 - 48g
8.5 — 10ppm
19.5% — 21%

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