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Sitio Da Lala. Medium Roast

Sitio Da Lala. Medium Roast

A luscious combination of rich walnut depth and vibrant, sweet strawberry undertones, offering a delightful twist of refreshment and warmth in every sip.
250 g
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Flavor Notes
Walnut, Strawberry
Harvest Time
September – October
Sitio Da Lala. Medium Roast

The Farm Story

Josimar, widely known as Lalá, has taken a significant leap in her coffee farming career by shifting to specialty coffee production on his ancestral farm. This transformation, supported by her daughters and neighbors, marks Lalá's first foray into the high-quality coffee sector, earning her unprecedented recognition.

Specialty coffee has not only enhanced Lalá's reputation but also fostered community and collaboration, particularly among women on his farm, who actively engage in knowledge exchange with veterans in the field. She emphasized the importance of sustainable practices, especially in water conservation, vital for the farm's ecosystem.

Central to Lalá's journey is her family's support, particularly from her daughters, fueling her optimism for the farm's future in producing specialty coffee that promises to sustain future generations. This pivot to specialty coffee underscores Lalá's commitment to innovation, community building, and environmental sustainability in enhancing her family's coffee legacy.

Country, Region
Brazil, Caparaó, Minas Gerais
Josimar Sodré
13 ha
1300 - 1350 MASL
Wild Forest
  • Start with a dose suitable for your basket size (we recommend a 20g basket).
  • Tare your portafilter on a scale with 0.1 accuracy
  • Grind coffee into your portafilter
  • Check the dry weight of your coffee, you should aim for an exact weight to match your basket size
  • If you have too much coffee use a clean spoon to meet the desired weight
  • If the amount is less than desired, add more
  • Distribute your coffee by hitting your portafilter gently twice or use the distribution tool
  • Tamp your coffee with the right size tamper as even as possible
  • Flush your group head just before pulling the shot
  • Lock your portafilter and start your extraction (start a timer if your machine doesn't have one)
  • Put cups onto your scale and tare to zero
  • Aim for the desired yield (with a 20g dose, our range is 40-48g of beverage)
  • If your espresso is sour, lacking sweetness, or salty you need to increase your yield

If your espresso is bitter, drying, and empty you need to decrease your yield It is more important to keep the ratio than to keep time, so use scales as often as you can. We recommend using VST precision baskets

Brewing Method
Coffee Weight
20g in 20g basket
Brew Ratio
1:2 – 1:2.4
Water Temperature
93.5 – 95.5°C
Brew Time
25 – 32 seconds
Beverage Yield
40 - 48g
8.5 — 10ppm
19.5% — 21%

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