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Sitio Rancho Dantas

Sitio Rancho Dantas

Balanced acidity, subtle sweetness, and notes of caramel and chocolate. The coffee of the Cyprus National Aeropress Championship
250 g
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Flavor Notes
Grapefruit, Honey, Dark Chocolate
Pulped Natural
Harvest Time
Sitio Rancho Dantas

The Farm Story

Sixty years ago, Lord Firmino Meneguetti, of Italian descent, initiated Sitio Rancho Dantas in the interior of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Facing a global coffee crisis in 1960, he began planting rudimentarily. Over the years, Florentino Meneguetti, his son, took over, and in 2007, they transitioned to specialty coffees, enhancing processes for superior quality. Through meticulous treatment, harvesting, and drying methods, they gained recognition for exceptional coffees in a region known for quality production. Today, Sitio Rancho Dantas features greenhouses, a dryer, and a pulper, practicing selective harvesting from May to December in its unique setting surrounded by 40 hectares of Atlantic Forest. Florentino Meneguetti, his wife Lourdes, and their children take pride in their role as producers of specialty coffees, acknowledging that every effort has proven worthwhile.

Country, Region
Rancho Dantas, Brejetuba, Espírito Santo
Florentino Meneguetti
40 ha
1050 – 1100 MASL
Atlantic Forest
  • Rinse the paper filter thoroughly with hot water, warming brew vessel
  • Discard rinse water in a vessel and the brewer
  • Add coffee to the brewer and place it on the scale
  • Ensure even bed by shaking side to side gently
  • Start the timer and pour 30g of water (The Bloom)
  • Stir in a cross motion 5 times back and forth and left to right
  • Make sure all coffee grounds are saturated
  • When the timer is at 0: 30, start the second pour
  • Pour an additional 80g of water in a circular motion
  • Take care not to pour directly on the paper filter
  • At 1: 00 on the timer, pour an additional 140 g of water
  • Aim to complete your pour at 1: 15 on the timer
  • Your total brew contact time should be 2: 00-2: 30 minutes
  • If your brew is too long, use a coarser grind setting
  • If your brew is too short, use a finer grind setting
Brewing Method
Pour Over
Coffee Weight
Brew Water
Water Temperature
Brew Time
2:00 - 3:00 minutes
Beverage Yield
220 - 225g
1.3 - 1.35ppm
21.5% - 22.5%

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